When I came up with the idea “Art Is HEART“, the vision was to make art accessible to everyone at all times. Indeed, I was surprised to find that the major players in the sector had little or no presence on mobile phones.

I was frustrated visiting art fairs and not being able to organize the pictures I took, having them in good quality, being able to review the works and all the descriptions once I got home.
However, the artwork by itself is not enough. The artist, his approach, all his work, consulting his series, his news, all these things were available on the internet but not gathered in a single place.

This is how Art is Heart was designed.

Art Is HEART is not only a resource to discover, find and love ART, it is a unique tool to connect artlovers and galleries.
We strongly believe in the importance of galleries and their major role in the art world.

That is why we partner exclusively with galleries and art fairs, in order to offer established or emerging artists all the visibility they deserve

David Renault

Art is Heart Founder

Most of the traditional offline dealers and auction houses surveyed in 2017 recognized the online channel as a key area of growth over the next five years.

The Art Market 2018, an Art Baset and UBS report