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Stay customer-focused and time-efficient.


Give a global online presence that is effective, flexible, and sophisticated.

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A combination of best-in-class digital tools and a user-friendly interface.

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“Our aim is to give visibility to artworks and galleries but also to create a link between art lovers and galleries that lead to long-term relationship.”

Art is moving.
Be mobile !

Many collectors and new art buyers spend more time browsing on their phones and tablets than on their computers. The future of internet is no more on the web, but on mobile App.

Art is Heart is designed to work on any platform and any device. It offers galleries a robust tech infrastructure and an opportunity to get in on the action.

Extend your gallery space
in minutes

Through an intuitive and dedicated interface, create your gallery space and add unlimitted artists and artworks. You just have to add your content and publish it instantly.
Manage all your catalog: add, remove, update artworks.

We have created a simple and efficient tool to let the professionnals that you are save time and focus on the client experience.

Promote your exhibition
with a new experience

To reach new clients, you must be visible and promote your exhibitions. Art is Heart allows you to create your event. That’s not all, and we’re going even further. Our aim is to give visibility to artworks and galleries but also to create a link between art lovers and galleries that lead to long-term relationship.
Each artworks is assigned a QR code that could be displayed during your exhibitions, which would allow visitors to save artworks information and have it available at any time.

Put your artists in front of a global audience

Art is HEART is not a marketplace. It is your Art Platform to enhance your artists commission free.
Our feeling is to break barrier and to connect people more deeply with artists. With Art is HEART, gallery have a great tool to give artists a plateform for proper exposure.
More than that, it’s the way to communicate who you are, the artist’s work, his story. We believe that video is an interesting and complementary medium to feature your work and artists.

Our offers

Focus on visibility


  • Unlimited portfolio upload
  • Unlimited artist profile upload
  • Unlimited show upload
  • Dedicated gallery section
  • Dedicated management section
  • No commission
Focus on sales opportunities


All the benefits of the Standard plan

  • Promote your exhibitions
  • QR code for every uploaded art piece

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